Career Issues

Is your job not providing you with a sense of purpose or satisfaction? Are you lacking work-life balance? Is your work performance not where you’d like it to be? Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your coworkers or supervisor?

We spend an incredible amount of time in our work role, and deserve to feel confident, valued, and fulfilled in what we do.

Therapy for career issues can help with:

  • Reflecting on sources of dissatisfaction or stress in your career
  • Identifying and pursuing objectives for your career path
  • Working through any blocks to you working at your best capacity
  • Developing skills for communication, conflict resolution, and stress management
  • Exploring your strengths and passions and how they can be utilized in your career
  • Overcoming self-doubt related to work performance
  • Receiving support with experiences of workplace harassment or discrimination
  • Coping with a sense of low motivation at work

Please contact us today if you’d like support with your career. We would be happy to discuss how we may be able to help you get the most out of your work situation.