Holly’s House

Holly’s House, a child advocacy center in Evansville, Indiana, has partnered with The Chesnut Group (TCG), a psychotherapy group practice. This collaboration aims to provide specialized therapeutic services to children and families who have experienced traumatic events. Watch Here.

Key aspects of the partnership include:

On-Site Intervention Services:

TCG therapists, who will soon be certified in Child and Family Traumatic Stress Interventions (CF-TSI), will conduct therapy sessions directly at Holly’s House. This allows for a more integrated and accessible approach to supporting those in need.

CF-TSI Certified Therapists:

The therapists from TCG are trained and certified in CF-TSI, a proven intervention method developed through the Yale School of Medicine designed to address the emotional and psychological needs of children and families affected by tr This certification ensures that the therapists are well-equipped to handle the complexities of traumatic stress and provide effective, evidence-based treatment.

Intervention Structure:

The CF-TSI intervention offered by TCG therapists is structured to include 5-8 sessions. This short-term, focused approach is designed to provide immediate support and coping strategies, helping children and families to stabilize and begin the healing process.

Enhanced Support for Victims:

By bringing these services on-site to Holly’s House, the partnership enhances the support system available for victims of child abuse and other traumatic events. This integration helps streamline the process for families seeking help, reducing barriers to access and ensuring continuity of care.

Holistic Approach:

The collaboration between Holly’s House and TCG reflects a holistic approach to child advocacy and mental health. It combines the protective and supportive environment of Holly’s House with the specialized therapeutic interventions of TCG, addressing both the immediate safety and long-term psychological needs of children and families.

Community Impact:

This partnership aims to strengthen the overall community response to child trauma in Evansville. By providing these critical services locally, the initiative supports the well-being of the community and fosters a more resilient, supportive environment for affected families.

In summary, the partnership between Holly’s House and The Chesnut Group leverages the strengths of both organizations to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed care to children and families, ensuring they receive the necessary support and interventions to recover and thrive.  Please visit Holly’s House’s website for more information.