Tristate Eating Disorder Conference 2024

Tristate Eating Disorder Conference 2024

Hosted by The Chesnut Group

on April 12th and 13th in-person at Old National Events Plaza in Evansville, Indiana AND virtually live streamed, offered a Two Day IFS and Eating Disorder training featuring Dr. Richard Schwartz.

Also, lecture and panel speakers included: Dr. Jeanne Catanzaro, Marcella Cox, Theresa Chesnut, Molly Kellogg, Katie Thompson, Inesse Panni, Dr. Laura Wood, Katy Cox, Salicia Mazero, Eileen Misluk-Gervase, Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, Dr. Angela Denise Mensah, Amy Pershing and, Chevese Turner, Kayla Stanton and Erikka Taylor.

Here’s What Our Attendees Said

“Dr. Schwartz was phenomenal!  I am so glad I attended. I learned a great deal about the work of therapists from an IFS lens. I believe this training will only strengthen my communication, and thus my relationship with therapists on my clients’ team. For very complex cases, I rely on collaboration and now feel I have another modality to share both with my clients and team members. I learned so much from this conference. Each and every presentation was so valuable and full of amazing material. One of the biggest pieces of information that was very helpful at affirming my interest in IFS was the reflection of harm/increasing managers that basic behavioral approaches to ED treatment can cause. I have felt that to be true in my experiences working at HLOCs and with clients coming out of HLOCs. Introduced to IFS and I can’t wait to learn more! It’s so fitting and I find it very much aligned with the work that I do. 

One of the best trainings I have taken in a very long time! I love how virtual learners were also informed and included as well.”